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I have lectured several degrees and levels since 2000. Between 2000 and mid-2012, I lectured initial, intermediate and advance levels of the degrees in Advertising and Public Relations, in Audiovisual Communication, as well as advance levels in Forestry Engineering and in Public Management and Administration. I also lectured the Master Degree in Public Administration and Institutional Leadership in the first online version of a Master at the University of Vigo.

Since 2012 I have been lecturing essentially intermediate levels of the degrees in Economics and in Business Administration. In addition, I have lectured some hours here and there in a variety of degrees: Industrial Engineering and Human and Labour Relations are some examples. In advance levels I have lectured some subjects related with business management and development in Master Degrees, mainly the Master in Business Administration (MBA-MAiE) and the Master in Economics, Financial Markets and Business Management.

I have been invited to teach Masters in other national and international universities, as for instance the Master in Business Administration at the Kedge Business School of Marseille (France) in 2014, the Master in Business Strategy at the University of Valencia (Spain) (2014, 2013) and the Master in Organization Management at Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (Portugal).

A part of the expertise I pass down my courses relates with managing business and another part relates with research methodologies in social sciences. For those interested in this latter issue, I have strongly contributed to the development of refined methodology for conducting systematic literature reviews that can handle thousands of articles and provide the intellectual structure of a research field. You can find some examples among my “selected publications” in this website and in my google scholar.

Currently, I am lecturing at the University of Vigo.