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I would like to highlight the “transfer” component I try to imprint in my every day work, be this lecturing, researching or cooperating with entrepreneurs and firms. I have contributed to a variety of projects or non-competitive contracts for transferring business knowledge to the business ecosystem of Galicia.

Most of these works resulted in the publication of books and monographs that have tried to disseminate valuable knowledge among the key economic sectors of Galicia.

Among them, I would highlight the series of 17 monographs on the respective "chain of business activities" .This concept of "chain of business activities" was born as an application of the “cluster” concept to the territorial reality of the Galician business system. It is a broader concept than that of industry; it is about the disseminated value chain across input-output linkages that can applied to any sector.

I have participated in several projects for a variety of cluster initiatives in Galicia. Some of them have resulted in the formal constitution of a cluster initiative (e.g. Wood; Thermal Tourism; Logistics and Transportation of Goods). Some others have meant the development of strategic planning initiatives (e.g. Carpentry and Forestry). Some of them have been published in dissemination books.

A second line of knowledge transfer deals with the study of the innovation most required by each Galician sector. Virtually all of them have resulted in a publication, as for instance the Galician Strategic Plan for Innovation-2010, or the set of specific studies devoted to promote innovation in certain sectors, such as the Wood-based Industry (2006); the Textile-Clothing-Fashion (2007); the Tourism Industries (2008); and the Logistics and Transportation of Goods (2008)

In short, I try to elaborate new knowledge from scientific studies that then we transfer to the firms, and I try to capture knowledge from firms than then I transfer to students in my lectures and to scholars in my published articles.